Atlas cabinet for Atlas der Neederlanden
- a stylish Empire gem made to your order!

Stolarija Špiranec (Spiranec Woodworks) is a long-established traditional woodworking and furniture-making company in the small village of Slakovec situated a few kilometres from Cakovec and Varazdin in the very north of the Republic of Croatia, at just over an hour's drive from Graz in Austria. For several generations our family-run workshops have specialized in custom-made furniture based on traditional high-quality materials and designs, for private as well as commercial use and in artistic styles varying from local rustic and international modern to a wide range of classic replicas.

Early in 2014, Asia Maior/Atlas Maior Publishers, Voorburg, The Netherlands, asked us to develop and build for their own use in the company's offices a representative multiple- shelf atlas cabinet for their recent 10-volume facsimile publication Atlas der Neederlanden, in the Empire style which was in vogue in Europe when this Atlas was first compiled in the early 1800s. The finished cabinet is shown in the pictures at the top of this page, and was delivered to our customers' full satisfaction at their premises in the Netherlands in April of this year.

Available as from May 2014

With Asia Maior/Atlas Maior's kind permission for the use of their prototype design, from May 2014 Spiranec Woodworks will be able to supply this same large atlas cabinet directly to other customers in the Netherlands and Belgium as well, at a set price of € 2.975,- including VAT and in-house delivery at a designated address in either of these countries. For those considering such a purchase, the overall specifications of the cabinet are given below:

*general: exclusive custom-built atlas cabinet in the Empire style with ten sliding shelves and two top drawers, suitable for representative storage and safe viewing of the Atlas der Neederlanden (including storage boxes!) or any other large-format multiple atlas or book publication to a maximum format of 62 x 45 x 11 cm per volume;

*materials: available in mahogany (traditionally mostly used in the Empire style, as in the prototype shown) or walnut (see picture in lower left). In either case, only massive woods (up to 3,5 cm) are used; the added metal Empire ornaments are done in brass;

*outside dimensions, height x width x depth: 103 x 158,5 x 63,5 cm; all-in weight: 125 kg;

*finishing: two-layer grounding, two-layer high-gloss varnish;

*packing and transportation: cabinets will be padded with protective foam and bubble foils, and packed in industrial quality cardboard. In-house delivery in the Netherlands or Belgium is done either directly by Spiranec Woodworks or through a designated carrier.

Want to order?

If you are interested in obtaining this exclusive atlas cabinet, we will be most pleased to receive your written order in one of the following ways:

* contact us directly by e-mail,, stating your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and your choice of order,


use the equivalent digital order form below.

We will send you a written confirmation of your order immediately upon its receipt, together with our first invoice for € 1.190,- to be paid within 30 days by way of a 40% downpayment on the total sum of € 2.975,-. Once this downpayment has been received, we will once more confirm this to you in writing and then start building your atlas cabinet. Upon its completion - as a rule within six weeks following the downpayment - you will be informed of the same, and arrangements will then be made for delivery at your premises. With your cabinet we will send you our second and final invoice to the amount of € 1.785,- for the remainder of the sum due, again payable within 30 days.

For enquiries in English, please call +385 (0)98 700 110.

Our terms of delivery in brief:

* all orders are to be sent in directly to Spiranec Woodworks; orders made through, or on behalf of third parties cannot be accepted;

* all payments are to be made by bank transfer within 30 days from date of invoice; in case our first invoice for the mandatory 40% downpayment is not cleared within this term, the order will have to be cancelled;

* all deliveries made by or on behalf of Spiranec Woodworks are in principle to be understood as in-house deliveries at the customer's home address or any other designated premises, on the condition however that the actual delivery address is either situated on the ground floor or can be accessed without difficulty by means of an elevator;

* cabinets are ensured to be dispatched from our workshops in best technical and finishing condition, and customers will be given opportunity to inspect their purchases upon delivery prior to signing for acceptance in good order. In case of damages occurring as a result of inadequate handling during transportation or delivery, Spiranec Woodworks can be held to proper repairs pending payment. Damages reported by customers after signing for acceptance in good order cannot be made subject to claims. In case of dispute, parties are bound to settlement in accordance with Dutch Law;

* with Croatia being a full EU member since July 1, 2013, imports into the Netherlands or Belgium such as our atlas cabinets are now free of Customs duties, and VAT regulations have been aligned with those in the other EU countries. This means that cabinets delivered to private customers will have to be priced including 25% Croatian VAT (€ 595,-), but deliveries to registered companies in the Netherlands and Belgium are exempted from VAT; in their case, the net price amounts to € 2.380,- per cabinet including transportation.

Finally, but certainly not of minor importance: in our local tradition doing business is first of all a matter of mutual good faith, as of course it is and always has been in the Low Countries and anywhere else where societies have prospered through trade and exchange. It is our standard to guarantee the very best craftsmanship, materials and service possible, and we are fully confident that in the case of this exclusive atlas cabinet, too, all orders will be completed to our customers' utmost satisfaction. We will be looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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